India is the largest democracy in the world, with more than 133.92 million different cultures and religions. The cultural aspects of northern India are completely different from those in the south. Central India also has its own cultural and linguistic heritage, which is completely different from the northeast or the far west. Given the great cultural and religious diversity of India, it is natural that each region has its own political representative.

This in turn complicates Indian politics in relation to Western democracies with a religion and culture that are unique in the majority. In India, a politician can only succeed if he can gather the support of different religions, cultures and castes. Politics in India is not easy and offers a rather difficult environment, even for the most skilled politicians.

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India is a democratic country. Leaders and political parties in India come to power through the electoral system. Indian citizens over 18 years of age acquire the right to vote and elect their leaders. However, although it is a government of the people, the people and the people, the common man still suffers greatly. This is because there is a lot of corruption in our country’s political system.

It is known that most of our political leaders are corrupt. Their corrupt practices are often highlighted, but they are rarely punished for the same. Such a state of mind and the behavior of our politicians have a negative impact on the country. This significantly hinders the growth and development of the country. The local man is the one who suffers most from corrupt Indian politics. On the other hand, ministers abuse their power and position to defend their interests.

A large amount of taxes is collected from the general public. Instead of using this money to develop the country, corrupt politicians fill their bank accounts. That is why we have not developed as much as we should since independence.

The Indian political system must be permanently changed to achieve a positive change in society.


India enjoys a democratic structure that gives people the right to vote and elect a government. Although this type of political system is strong and solid, with clearly defined laws, it has been the prey of corrupt politicians in India since its creation.

The need for educated ministers

In India, almost everyone can participate in elections and gain power. The person participating in the elections must be an Indian citizen and be at least 25 years old. Apart from that, there are few very simple clauses to challenge the elections in our country.

It is strange that there is no minimum educational requirement to lead the government in our country. It is ironic that the country has seen many candidates without education and unworthiness rise to higher levels of political power, solely on the basis of money and muscular strength. We cannot expect our country to grow in the right direction when power is in the hands of such politicians.

It is absolutely necessary to choose educated politicians for the development of our country. We can practice NOTE if none of the politicians in the race to participate in the elections is qualified and worthy of office.

Corruption to the task of Indian politics

Most politicians are corrupt. They abuse their power to defend their interests instead of serving the country. From time to time, we learn that ministers and their families are involved in illegal practices and scams. Since they are in power, they fear no one and they are not doing badly with crime.

It is the common man who suffers from these corrupt politicians and their corrupt practices.

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