The election in general can be described as a decision-making process or opinion used to choose candidates for a specific position. Elections play a central role in a political system, especially in a democratic form of government in a country. It is a tool to select public representatives to send to the governing bodies.

It could also be described as the backbone of democracy because that is how the citizens of a country participate directly in the definition of the government that works for their welfare.

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Election is the process by which people express their opinion through a public vote and choose candidates to send to public office. Elections are considered the basis of democracy, because they guarantee that the elected government is made up of people, from people to people. A free and fair election highlights the signs of a healthy democracy in a country. Through elections, citizens of a country express their acceptance or rejection of government policy and work.

Elections could be held for different positions and levels in one country. It could be presidential, parliamentary, for legislatures or the council. The elections are conducted and administered by an electoral agency that is an autonomous body to carry out peaceful and fair elections in the country. The agency supports the entire electoral process, from the registration of the political parties for the election to the declaration of the election result.

The election gives the public the necessary authority and gives them the freedom to choose the government of their choice, which will contribute to their growth and development. It also controls the functioning of the current government, which must be presented to the public after the end of its term.

India is a democratic country and the importance of elections in a democratic country cannot be neglected. The elections in India play a very vital role in the politics of the country and in its growth and development in general. Under the British regime, India was under the constitutional monarchy of the British queen and did not have an independent government. However, after independence, it became a democratic republic with a government elected by the hands of its citizens.

Types of elections in India

The main types of elections held in India are: presidential, Lok Sabha (general elections), Rajya Sabha, state legislature and local organization. The elections in which the public is directly involved are the legislative elections (MP) and the State Legislative Assembly (MLA) for the election of the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister, respectively.

What is the role of the electoral commission of India?

The Electoral Commission of India is the largest independent electoral agency in India responsible for overseeing and administering the entire electoral process. It is responsible for granting political parties constitutional status, completing the nomination process, applying the Model Code of Conduct, ensuring that the voting process is completed, declaring the results and ensuring free, fair and transparent electoral process.

Electoral process in India

The electoral process in India begins with the declaration of the dates of the elections, followed by the presentation of the candidacy by the candidates, which is examined

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