Essay On Planet Earth In English For Students

Earth is our system of life. It is this planet in our solar system that supports life in a very friendly way. It was formed as a result of the Big Bang theory that we all learn in school. It was formed about 4.7 billion years ago. The earth has an almost spherical shape and is flattened at the poles. It has an equatorial diameter of approximately 12,756 kilometers. Three-quarters of its surface is covered with water. Only part of the four islands where our human population of around one billion resides. With a rich variety of flora and fauna in tropical, deciduous and desert lands, it is a comfortable place for many creatures to live and spread.

The Earth rotates on its imaginary axis counterclockwise or east. The earth has two poles called the North Pole and the South Pole. A single rotation of the earth relative to the sun takes place in 24 hours. The earth rotates on its own axis and at the same time rotates around the sun. This revolution takes place in approximately 365 solar days.

Our Earth has a moon that orbits the Earth every 27.33 days. As the Earth revolves around the Sun at the same time, the Moon changes from dark to light in about 29.5 days. This is where the idea for a month was born. Therefore, we have months with 30 and 31 days depending on the variation of the position of the moon relative to our Earth.

The land contains approximately 71% water. This water is available as in lakes, rivers, hot springs, the ocean, freshwater, etc. Groundwater and freshwater extracted using a hand pump or a well can be used and drunk directly. The water in the ocean and the sea is very saline. They must undergo a process in the desalination plant where they are fit for consumption. Because of this rough estimate of available water, our Earth is also called the “blue planet”. However, due to the excessive use of water in the current situation, many scientists believe that the next world war will probably be for water.

The Earth is an inexhaustible source of various resources. It is also home to many species such as our plants and animals. It provides the shelter, warmth, and food they need. Due to the varied atmosphere, whether at the poles or in the tropics, animals can adapt to the comfortable shelter provided by the Earth.

The earth is simply not a planet where we live, but it is maintained by other creatures and serves as a natural resource for various purposes. Each individual is responsible for the degradation of this enormous resource.

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