Essay On Computer | Use and Misuse Of it

In this computer essay, we will discuss some useful things about computers. The modern computer has become an important part of our daily life. In addition, its use has increased considerably over the past decade. Today, they use the computer in all offices, whether private or government. Humanity has used computers for more than several decades. In addition, they are used in many fields such as agriculture, design, machine manufacturing, defense and many others. Above all, they revolutionized the whole world.

History of the computer

It is very difficult to find the exact origin of computers. But according to some experts, the computer existed at the time of the Second World War. In addition, at that time, they were used to record data. But, it was only for government use and not for public use. Above all, at the beginning, the computer was a very large and heavy machine.

Computer work

The computer operates on a three-step cycle, namely input, process and output. In addition, the computer follows this cycle in each requested process. In simple terms, the process can be explained in this way. The data that we enter into the computer is entered, the work done by the CPU is the process and the result that the computer gives is the output.

Computer components and types

The simple computer essentially consists of a processor, a monitor, a mouse and a keyboard. In addition, there are hundreds of other parts of the computer that can be connected to it. These other parts include a printer, laser pen, scanner, etc.

The computer is classified into different types such as supercomputers, mainframe computers, personal computers (desktop computer), PDAs, laptops, etc. The mobile phone is also a type of computer because it meets all the criteria of being a computer.

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Computer uses in various fields

As computer use increased, it became essential that almost all areas use computers for their operations. In addition, they made the work and the classification of things easier. Next, we mention some of the important areas that use a computer in their daily operation.

Medical domain

They use computers to diagnose illnesses, perform tests, and find the cure for life-threatening illnesses. In addition, they can find a cure for many diseases through computers.

The research

Whether it is scientific research, space research or any social research computer, it is useful to everyone and, thanks to them, we can control the environment, space and society. Space research has helped us explore the galaxies. While scientific research has helped us locate the resources and other useful resources of the earth.


For any country, its defense is more important for the security of its population. In addition, the computer in this area helps the country’s security agencies to detect a threat that could be harmful in the future. Above all, the defense industry uses them to monitor our enemy.

Computer threats

Computers have also become a necessity, they have also become a threat. This is due to hackers who steal your private data and filter it over the Internet. In addition, anyone can access this data. In addition to this, there are other threats such as viruses, spam, errors and many other problems.

The computer is a very important machine that has become a useful part of our life. In addition, computers have twin faces on one side, it’s a blessing and on the other, it’s a nightmare. Its uses are entirely up to you. Other than that, there will come a day in the future when human civilization cannot survive without computers, because we depend too much on them. So far, it’s a great discovery of humanity that has saved thousands and millions of lives.

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